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Throughout its history it was associated with Atlantis and the Pharoahs of ancient Egypt.

Though the Providence sect was officially disbanded in 1877, the Church of Starry Wisdom has appeared in other places including Yorkshire, England (1880 to 1890), Chicago, Illinois (where it was known as the sect, but was later disbanded by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871), Arkham, Massachusetts, (during the 1920s), and more recently in San Francisco (though the group was reputedly destroyed by arson). A more detailed description for each of them is given below.The cult used a sacred relic known as the Shining Trapezohedron to summon the Haunter of the Dark, who demanded outrageous sacrifices in return for limitless knowledge of the universe.Although the cult was publicly denounced by the other local churches, it nonetheless grew to have a membership of around 200 members.The holocron employed patterns of organic crystals and hologrammic technology to capture the appearance and cognitive networks of the holocron’s owner, and transform this into a three-dimensional hologram.This gatekeeper acted as a guide through the holocron’s store of information, as a search and recovery engine with a more personal touch.It can be decomposed into two equal regular tetrahedra and a regularoctahedron.

Since parallelepipeds can fill space, so can a combination of regular tetrahedra and regular octahedra.

A few contemporary sects may still exist in Canada.1. A comprehensive list of quartz crystallographic forms can be found in Rykart, 1995, along with an estimate of their abundance.

Name of Form Symbol Miller-Bravais Indices hkil (left right) Positive Rhombohedronr Negative Rhombohedronz Hexagonal Prismm Basal Pinacoidc Trigonal Bipyramids Positive Trapezohedronx Steep Rhombohedra, for example-Ψ M H. Lovecraft’s short story “The Haunter of the Dark” features a “crazily angled stone” of extraterrestrial origin called the “Shining Trapezohedron”. It is the first mention in fiction of the Cthulhu Mythos entity Nyarlathotep.

The party of observers is driven away by an infuriated Nyarlathotep, and wanders off into at least three columnal groups: One disappears around a corner, from which is then heard a moaning sound; another disappears into a subway station with the sound of mad laughter; and the third group, which contains the narrator, travels outward from the city toward the country.

The story ends by describing horrific, surreal vistas experienced by the party, in which they realize horror and doom have come to the world.

In exchange for horrible sacrifices, the Haunter of the Dark would reveal other worlds and arcane knowledge.