Validating date asp net

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Hello, I'm using the POST method to send the request to the production server and in web response I got the remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

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The Model Client Validation Rule class has three properties, two of which must always be set: Error Message and Validation Type.

If you want to specify a single date format (and culture) you can do so either application wide (through setting the globalization culture tag of the web.config file e.g.

) or on a page by page basis by setting the UICulture and Culture attributes of the page e.g.

They also get picked up by the unobtrusive javascript adapter and fed into the j Query Validation function that you set up earlier.

Now you run your project and you will notice that validation is performed on client side without any server round trip.

Range Validator is a validation control provided by

This control can be used to validate a range of string, date, integer and double values.

When using a Compare Validator to implement some simple date format checking with Operator=”Data Type Check” and Type=”Date.

The Compare Validator is reliant on the active culture settings to validate the given string.

To provide client side validation support for your custom validator you need to implement IClient Validatable interface.

This interface has one method Get Client Validation Rules which you need to override in your class.

The following example demonstrates simple comparison of int values (max Except the basic functionality Compare Validator supports validation of data types.

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