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Future versions may incorporate multilingual translations of the term definitions.An RDF/XML encoding of the specification is available by direct link or by HTTP content negotiation from the namespace URI.

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FOAF is a project devoted to linking people and information using the Web.

This current specification provides a basic "dictionary" of terms for talking about people and the things they make and do.

FOAF was designed to be used alongside other such dictionaries ("schemas" or "ontologies"), and to be usable with the wide variety of generic tools and services that have been created for the Semantic Web.

Further work is also needed on the explanatory text in this specification and on the FOAF website; progress towards this will be measured in the version number of future revisions to the FOAF specification.

This revision stablises weblog, page, Document and Image and adds three owl:equivalent classes to - Person (Person), Image (Image Object), Document (Creative Work).

Only when we have this extra level of semantics will we be able to use computer power to help us exploit the information to a greater extent than our own reading.

FOAF does not compete with socially-oriented Web sites; rather it provides an approach in which different sites can tell different parts of the larger story, and through which users can retain some control over their information in a non-proprietary format.

This is a pity, as in fact documents on the Web describe real objects and imaginary concepts, and give particular relationships between them. The title document to a house describes a house and also the ownership relation with a person.

Adding semantics to the Web involves two things: allowing documents which have information in machine-readable forms, and allowing links to be created with relationship values.

The FOAF specification is produced as part of the FOAF project, to provide authoritative documentation of the contents, status and purpose of the RDF/XML vocabulary and document formats known informally as 'FOAF'.

This document is created by combining the RDFS/OWL machine-readable FOAF ontology with a set of per-term documents.

Each FOAF document is itself an encoding of a descriptive network structure.