Sex camps of nazis

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But any hope of mercy from the female guards, was quickly crushed.

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Many received the death sentence and were executed.

When the few survivors who had not died gave evidence at the war trials, the disability and deformities were apparent.

Simons recalls some of the evidence.“I remember one doctor who was involved in the killing of prisoners,” she says.“He explained why he did it, saying that otherwise he would have been sent to the front."He was saying he would rather kill other people in the camps than go to the war.“This was a doctor who was meant to be helping humanity and here he was killing people.”Armed resistance was impossible at Ravensbruck but the women did find ways to fight back.

Gays were imprisoned in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, just as in all the camps.

If researchers into sexuality are correct in estimating that four percent of the European population has homosexual tendencies, this would mean that there may have been approximately 16,000 gays and lesbians among the 400,000 registered Auschwitz prisoners.

Ravensbruck offered a ready supply of young women who were either starving enough – or could be forced – to offer their bodies for little more than a piece of bread.

Brothels were even set up in other concentration camps, all supplied with women from Ravensbruck who were forced to have sex with 20 to 30 men a day.Simons says: “There was one woman who was French who had the surname Churchill."The Germans thought she might be related to Winston Churchill although in fact she wasn’t."They gave her a terrible time, including taking her to the gas chamber and pretending to execute her.“There was another German, I think she was the cook, who used to spend her days off going to look at all these women who were suffering and laughing at them."It gave her pleasure.“Many of the women were forced to be sterilised – those who were mothers had their babies taken away – they weren’t even allowed to breastfeed them.”There were seven separate war crimes trials connected to the six years of savagery at Ravensbruck camp.Many were doctors and nurses who participated in the medical experiments and oversaw the systematic murder of thousands of prisoners.Although this is hardly a small number, we know nothing about them to this day, because this subject has been nonexistent in the historical research on Auschwitz.One reason for this is the fact that sexuality in general, and same-sex relationships in particular, are covered-up in our society and represent a zone of taboos and various fears.Brutal beatings and whippings were common along with solitary confinement in the camp’s feared punishment “bunker”.