Olympiad dating

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Olympiad dating

This places the exodus at about the same time as the expulsion of the Hyksos.The entrance into Egypt (1830, 59) was 215 years before the exodus which would be about 1767 BC.

None of the ancient writers including the apostle Paul said the Jews were in Egypt for 430 years.This date is close to the beginning of the second intermediate period in Egypt when the Hyksos rose to power.The Hyksos were considered foreign rulers of lower Egypt.In The Antiquity of the Jews (1830, 166; Book 8.3.1) Josephus says the exodus occurred 592 years before the Temple of Solomon was built which is about 960 BC.So the exodus, according to Josephus, was about 1552 BC or 1,020 years from Abraham's entry into Canaan.The last chapter will focus on the archaeological evidence that has been found that best fits into the chronology of the Exodus.

The most important discovery is the Merneptah stele that mentions Israel which forced the revision of a number of liberal theories.

This number does not include the one hundred and eleven years of oppression in the book of Judges that ancient writers included in their totals.

The evidence from the Sinai best puts the wanderings in the wilderness during the Middle Bronze age.

One of the most important considerations is what the Biblical writers themselves said about the date of the Exodus.

Chapter two will consider both the Old and New Testament writers concerning the Exodus.

The name "Israel" seems to be a late word used to describe the league of 12 tribes that later became the nation of Israel.

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