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The hospital I was is in a highly competitive market, so the staff was very friendly and I always felt like I had plenty of opportunity to converse during the day (and night).They want repeat business and good word of mouth from their surviving patients. Most people don't CHOOSE to be alone--it just happens over the years, particularly if you are not wired to be extraverted.

Also, being in the hospital is stressful enough that you don't need the extra stress of getting your family through it.A brain bleed that would be like a stroke is the risk if I don't have it.Besides being scared I think of waking into the hospital at dawn alone.Has anyone else had to face major surgery totally alone in the world? I'm used to being alone at home and doing everything in life alone. I haven't been in your position, simply because I'm lucky.No one should be facing what you are going through all alone.I sincerely hope this ends up being much ado about nothing, but, if not, you are not alone. Just post your doctor's last name,location, hospital and time of surgery and I'm sure one of us will be there when you come into recovery or meet you in your room. I know if this guy or gal is in LA, I will arrange to be there myself. I bet you say your credit card number on cell phones in public too, when asked?

What you're going through is a great worry of mine, OP. It might help if you could provide your initials so we can find you should your surgery time changes, they often do. Op, you could set up an email address where we could email you well wishes. I can't be the only person willing to make things better for another DLer. How are you going to email him (or he you) without either of you posting any personal information? Or have your passwords written down on a piece of paper right next to your computer? Op///please tell us the name of the hospital so if someone is close by we can help. Every hospital has social workers and discharge planners. R16, OP could easily set up an anonymous gmail account without providing any identifying information.DL can be bitchy but there are also very generous, caring people here who really want to help. I have in the past and continue to bring them into my world because I don't want to find myself in the same situation, which I did 10 years ago.A loner who does not invest in friendship is coming to a public anonymous board to whine about not having friends when he needs them? Heart attack the injuries associated with the fall left me in the hospital for over a month. at 35 (at the time), I had to learn to walk all over again.The whole process of medical treatment is so dehumanizing. I think a big part of it is that the people involved have to find a way to remain detached.As a patient, it can make you feel less than human.I hope that your tests will find something really minor.

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