Gps map updating work around

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Gps map updating work around - dating for voksne Middelfart

Taken aback in the sense that I could buy a Tom Tom with lifetime maps and speed cameras for around that price.Anyway, as we don't have an option, I went ahead - to discover the AUD290 was an estimate as we were actually being billed in what I gather is Hungarian currency.

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I went on line was was taken aback at the quoted price of 0 for three years of updates.

Given that it's 0 I didn't want to buy an 11 month old disk, even if it was current (in the loosest meaning of the word).

It's obviously a Company policy of not providing release dates to potential customers. ) auto companies sell GPS maps as an auto part and price them accordingly.

The only option was to detail the problem and they'd get back to me.

No response overnight, so I followed exactly the same process and this time the new map took.

Is it possible for the navigation map to update without getting a firmware update, or even a notification?

The town I live in recently built a new public safety building, and the police department moved in from a different location- The map now shows the PD at the location of the new building, and they only moved in on June 7.Eleven (11) days later, I received an email from "Naviextras® Support" with instructions which don't really make sense. We have an external Navman, and we have the same situation.Just as well the system was working because otherwise, I might still have no GPS, despite forking out around AUD290. They want far more to update the maps than it would cost for a current model with lifetime maps.It also pushes updates regularly...every few months. Added to the financial misery, it was like pulling teeth for the provider of the maps, Tom Tom, to give information on when the currently available DVD was published, and when the latest version would be released.I agree wholeheartedly that built-in GPS maps are a ripoff. The cost to update my Subaru Forester maps is AUD 300 for the one DVD. They eventually told me when the old one came out, but only gave vague guestimates as to when the latest version would be available.They are good for about a month before you are required to update them or they expire.