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Fortunately, there are some pretty awesome open-source tools that can be used to package a Python program into a standalone binary executable that contains everything needed to run the application (i.e.Python interpreter, program code, libraries, data, etc.).

The availability of the NX bit on 32-bit x86 kernels, which may run on both 32-bit x86 CPUs and 64-bit IA-32-compatible CPUs, is significant because a 32-bit x86 kernel would not normally expect the NX bit that an AMD64 or IA-64 supplies; the NX enabler patch assures that these kernels will attempt to use the NX bit if present.The "Other Supported" line is for processors which allow some grey-area method, where an explicit NX bit doesn't exist yet hardware allows one to be emulated in some way.As of Android 2.3 and later, architectures which support it have non-executable pages by default, including non-executable stack and heap.Icon Eden offers some nice royalty-free icons, so I'll use one of theirs for this demo. # 0x0 - the function is not defined for this file Type subtype=0x0, # Creation date and time stamp. The Py Installer Manual covers all of this, so give it a read.Save an file in the source directory and add the This is an example of what an icon looks like when added to the application and viewed through Windows Explorer: The following file (taken from the Py Installer test suite) is used by Py Installer to add version information to the executable. ``` VSVersion Info( ffi=Fixed File Info( # filevers and prodvers should be always a tuple with four items: (1, 2, 3, 4) # Set not needed items to zero 0. date=(0, 0) ), kids=[ String File Info( [ String Table( u'040904b0', [String Struct(u'Company Name', u'Fuddy Duddies, Inc. Arlington, VA 00001'), String Struct(u'Product Name', u'SILLINESS'), String Struct(u'Product Version', u'2, 0, 3, 0'), String Struct(u'Internal Name', u'SILLINESS'), String Struct(u'Original Filename', u'silliness.exe'), String Struct(u'File Version', u'96, 12, 19, 1'), String Struct(u'File Description', u'Silly stuff'), String Struct(u'Legal Copyright', u'Copyright 2001 Fuddy Duddies, Inc.'), String Struct(u'Legal Trademarks', u'SILLINESS is a registered trademark of Fuddy Duddies, Inc.'),]) ]), Var File Info([Var Struct(u'Translation', [1033, 1200])]) ] ) ``` When you have your file ready, simply add the Now, the application has an icon and version information. Python is one of my favorite programming languages.

That being said, if you've ever had to deploy an application written in Python then you know just how painful it can be.Initial support for the NX bit, on x86-64 and IA-32 processors that support it, first appeared in Free BSD -CURRENT on June 8, 2004.It has been in Free BSD releases since the 5.3 release.In its implementation of tagged architecture, each word of memory had an associated, hidden tag bit designating it code or data.Thus user programs cannot write or even read a program word, and data words cannot be executed.Some desktop Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Ubuntu and open SUSE, do not enable the HIGHMEM64 option by default in their default kernels, which is required to gain access to the NX bit in 32-bit mode, because the PAE mode that is required to use the NX bit causes boot failures on pre-Pentium Pro (including Pentium MMX) and Celeron M and Pentium M processors without NX support.

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