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Elsa wants to stop for a drink before going back to the company.Juanita tells Elsa this is time theft and drinking on the job is a serious infraction of company rules.

On the other hand, Daniel’s US bosses are far away and also want results in China. There is one member that always makes sarcastic off topic comments after his presentations that the other employees always laugh at.

Fosters handles the same web development task again and again.

The chances of promotion are small but Foster commands a very high salary even if the work is becoming increasingly boring.

6) Chuck listens to music on his computer with headphones on.

However, Chuck often ends up going to sleep and snoring which irritates his coworkers. 7) Daniel is the new boss in a factory in Suzhou, China.

Ernest wants to have drinks or coffee with the friend and ask advice but is not sure how to go about this.

Ernest also thinks such a meeting might be “rubbing salt into the wound” of his friend. 13) Foster works are at a giant company doing web development.Chris could transfer the nephew to a post that is not inactive but where damage to the company is minimized. David feels the comments are meant to undermine his authority.The sarcastic coworker has lower rank than David but is not a subordinate and in another department altogether. 9) Elisa has a coworker, Sally, who likes to talk about politics.Jane has been promoted on a regular basis and is making a large salary for her age. Jane has considered being direct and just letting the senior manager know that she is not interested.Lately, a senior manager has been flirting more and more with Jane and Jane knows from experience that the situation is escalating. Jane has even considered filing a formal complaint if the situation goes too far but hope she can stop the situation from getting too far ahead of time. 17) Jason is invited to a Japanese restaurant in Nagoya, Japan by coworkers. Every time he drinks a beer another beer is immediately offered. John’s supervisor, Yolanda, is female and Hispanic. John is not sure of Yolanda’s marital status but Yolanda does not marry a wedding ring and seemingly avoids questions about a boyfriend and/or husband. Joseph looks at his pay check stub and realizes there is too much overtime. 22) Keith has been writing reports for his boss at a medium sized company.Today is Larry’s last day and he is tempted to take a computer back home. 12) Ernest has absorbed the workload of a fellow worker that was a friend but laid off.