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Dating site conversion rates - eadv 2013 abstracts online dating

Makai has been pioneering OTEC research since working on the first net-power producing plant in 1979.

OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity.Download the 2011 Water Power Technologies Peer Review Report Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) uses large flows of warm surface seawater and cold deep seawater to generate clean electricity.The tropical ocean at a typical OTEC site has two distinct layers: a warm surface layer with low nutrient levels, and a cold deep layer that is nutrient-rich.This report has been peer reviewed by Do E Peer Review for Marine & Hydrokinetic Energy Devices on pages xii and 167 here.This new software is the most sophisticated tool for modeling OTEC’s environmental effects to date.The successful development of the model provides the tools needed to predict the impact of OTEC plants in the presence of realistic and time-varying ocean conditions.

Results of the effort were presented at NOAA’s OTEC Environmental workshop in June, 2010, and the Department of Energy has funded an extension of the project (under the Marine Hydrokinetics Initiative) to develop a biological component of the model in order to assess any bio-stimulation that may occur due to the nutrient rich discharges.

Most recently, Makai has been involved with Lockheed Martin and others pursuing the development of 100MW OTEC plants for island communities like Hawaii and Guam.

Makai recently developed a numerical hydrodynamic model to assess the physical impacts of OTEC discharges in the ocean environment with funding from the National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences.

The thing to remember with the data above is that a conversion is not necessarily a sale it includes lead / data capture as well.

While industry benchmarks are great if you are one of the bigger players in the industry be careful not to get too hung up on them, work to your own cost per sale and use such metrics as guides not absolutes. By Chris Soames Chris Soames is a Smart Insights blogger and consultant, he has worked in digital marketing for over 6 years with the last few years managing international web strategies for a leading travel brand.

Of course, a test will show you rates specific to your market, type of keywords (Brand, generic, product, long tail, etc) and your proposition, but this gives an indication.

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