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In both Kailahun and Kenema, the greatest need was for more treatment facilities backed by greater and faster laboratory support.

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The death of Dr Khan, who was regarded as a national hero, and surrounding publicity removed many public doubts about whether Ebola was “real”, but it also introduced questions about the safety of the area’s treatment facilities.

Though heightened vigilance yielded a number of suspected cases, all tested negative.

The burst of new cases seen in early June has been traced to the 10 May funeral of a respected traditional healer held in Sokoma, a remote village in Kailahun district, near the border with Guinea.

We don’t know where all chains of transmission are taking place.” By mid-July, so many people were dying of the disease that teams trained by WHO buried more than 50 bodies over a 12-day period.

The MSF 50-bed treatment centre in Kailahun managed more than 90 confirmed cases in the first four weeks after it opened.

In Sierra Leone, the outbreak began slowly and silently, gradually building up to a burst of cases in late May and early June.

Cases then increased exponentially in the last quarter of the year, with November seeing the most dramatic jump.

In August, WHO urged governments and the international community to make available, in all three Ebola affected countries, incentives, protection, and treatment for health personnel to improve their safety and provide the motivation needed to ensure uninterrupted health care services.

Confidence in the safety of medical staff was further eroded in the last week of August when a WHO-deployed epidemiologist working in Kailahun became infected.

However, that death was neither investigated nor reported at the time.

On 1 April the country stepped up vigilance for imported cases when two members of the same family who had died from Ebola virus disease in Guinea were repatriated to Sierra Leone for burial.

The healer became infected while treating Ebola patients who crossed the border from Guinea, seeking her healing powers.