Dating a high schooler

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Dating a high schooler - second life dating ideas

They won and had to face their rivals Shūtoku High next.

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After an extremely tough game against Rakuzan High, Seirin came out victorious and won the Winter Cup.

It's only been two years since their formation, but they've crushed all of their opponents since their Winter Cup debut!

They're the revolutionary eye of the typhoon of this competition!! Seirin High (誠凛高校, Seirin Kōkō) is a high school basketball team in Tokyo where Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami play.

Her sex and age has caused some to think that she's a manager. Seirin High is noted for having an exceptional high-leveled run-and-gun style.

Their offensive firepower is considered one of the best in the region.

They won closely, but lost Kiyoshi due to an injury indirectly caused by Hanamiya.

Kiyoshi had to stay in the hospital for at least a year and Seirin was crushed in the final league of the preliminaries, against the Three Kings of Tokyo.

The finals are next, where Seirin will face Rakuzan, the Emperor. It's an abbreviation of the tactic's full title: Stealth All-court Man-to-man Defense.

Seirin has won the finals match of the Winter Cup against Rakuzan High and were announced as this year's champions. This formation consist of a full-court man-to-man pressure defense, literally the players marking their man tight from the inbound to the other side.

At the Winter Cup preliminaries, they won against Josei High and advanced to the final league.

There, they had to face Senshinkan High, the opponent they lost to twice in the Interhigh preliminaries.

The downside of the water means that the pressure and resistance make the training extra hard.