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The resultant visible hue depends on various factors, but always has some sort of yellowish color.

The band may borrow key traits from pop history in constructing its gentle blues style, but it woefully fails to give its songs any resonance.From the Motown influenced "Black-Eyed Boy" to the delicately gritty "Halo," the grooves fall into place just fine, but the sentiments ring hollow.Singer Sharleen Spiteri's voice--radiating warmth and soft-focus edginess--is still sweet on the ears; and the band's impenetrable sound will make radio programmers get down on their knees and praise the album-oriented rock gods."If you go in for lunch or dinner, they're not dressed racy or sexy," Corieri says."That doesn't come in until 10 pm, when we change into more sexy outfits. It's more of a burlesque, pinup-style concept." They'll do weekend brunch and serve food all the way until 2 am.A "gourmet stone oven" has been installed for the pizzas, and there are TVs for sports viewing.

The Corieris bought the property from previous owner Robert Miller, who tried to market the vintage space to Eatzi's, but couldn't get a bite. The Epic is the huge mixed-use complex being piggy-backed onto the the white Union Bankers building, aka the former Knights of Pythias Temple.

"We looked at this building over two years ago," Les Corieri says.

"We'd also looked at Henderson Avenue, but one of the factors that led us to Deep Ellum was the Epic project. That entire area is changing." The Deep Ellum space also lent itself better to their idea of doing two contiguous concepts, with Bottled Blonde in front, and a space in the back called The Backyard where they'll host live country music. It's part of the DNA of Bottled Blonde to have multiple concepts, and that includes a late-night staff that dons more revealing uniforms.

"Food is an important element of what we do — we are a restaurant," he says.

Their pizzas are thin-crust, with toppings such as BBQ chicken, pepperoni, and the carnivore.

A date has been set for Bottled Blonde Pizzeria Beer Garden, the Arizona-based bar-restaurant that's opening on the fringes of Deep Ellum: October 12. Bottled Blonde comes from husband and wife Les and Diane Corieri, who founded it in Scottsdale in 2015. They serve contemporary Italian food, especially pizzas, and a big selection of local craft beer in what they describe as a "high-energy setting." Consulting chefs Jared Porter and Joe Absolor have created a from-scratch menu using locally sourced ingredients when possible, with all items made in-house including pastas, pizzas, sauces, and salad dressings.

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