8992 khz online dating

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November Lima Uniform - time one five - authentication Yankee Juliet.She spoke so quickly I'm left with the impression she'd make a good auctioneer.

You can hear weird stuff near those freqs if you camp out long enough.

they were much more fun to listen to then with the lack of Satcom resources and lots of anti-drug funding available. There is a BICE P-3 working north of Seattle this week, I can listen to them on VHF ATC and the COTHEN freqs when they talk to HAMMER. You should be able to hear the strong AM broadcast stations with the built-in telescopic antenna.

Also 6761.0 is a good one, there are usually a couple of air refueling tankers talking during the evening.7225 - 7290 LSB 40 meter Amateur Radio 7243 LSB - Amateur Radio traffic nets 7335 AM - CHU Canada time signal station 14100 CW - NCDXF/IARU international beacon network 14230 - 14350 USB 20 meter Amateur Radio 14300 USB - Maritime mobile service net 15.0 AM - WWV - Fort Collins, CO time signal station 26985 - 27405 Citizens Band 28200 CW - NCDXF/IARU international beacon network 29600 FM - Amateur radio 10 meter simplex 29660 FM - 10 meter repeaters Lots of shortwave AM broadcast stations. You might not be able to hear weak stations from Europe, Asia or Africa unless the transmitter is in the same hemisphere where you live.

The other night (like 3 or 4 days ago) there was some off freq traffic. They sounded as if they were were in the field and were giving direction to other forces.

Yes, and I'm starting to notice some patterns on the slice of spectrum near 8992.

I recorded it in case anyone's interested.8.992 Is just another freq used..better propagation at night than 11.175.

You will hear the same message on that (and a 3rd freq IIRC) when they are broadcasting Skyking and FDM messages. I believe there is an active thread for all this a few spots down from here.

I don't see it in their online catalog anymore, but your local shop might have one on sale (don't get your hopes up).

I got one of those last Christmas and they're pretty good, but I hear that other radios will do SSB better.

Sangean makes one that I hear is pretty good (the ATS-909, I think).

I haven't tried it personally though, so I don't know how well it works.

Nothing new, just more active with the whole NK thing going on.

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